Alfalfa - 500 Tablets Super Saver Pack

Herbal Hills Alfalfa 500 Tablets -Farm Fresh Alfalfa Powder Organically certified by USDA, NOP, VOCA & NPOP - for blood count all-round health
Manufacturer: Herbal Hills
Vendor: Sara Naturals
₹ 1,175.00
Alfalfa, botanically known as Medicago sativa is the most efficient green food dietary supplement in a tablet form and has beneficial attributes, owing to its high Vitamin, Chlorophyll, Calcium, minerals and trace elements content. It is symbiotically processed with highly advanced technology and manufactured in Herbal Hills, the most trusted name in Organic dietary supplements. It is traditionally cultured to raise its medicinal value and to offer best-quality products. With a rich source of Vitamin A and enzymes, this organic superfood supplements maintain healthy skin and prevents it from drying. It works as a cleanser, controls cholesterol, reduces digestive problems and removes toxins from the body.