Keshohills Combination Pack

Herbal Hills Keshohills Combination Pack - Hair Care Combination Pack includes of 3 products, Designed with hair health supplement products - For all hair types
Manufacturer: Herbal Hills
Vendor: Sara Naturals
₹ 685.00
Herbal Hills Keshohills Combination Pack is a Hair Care Formula Combination Pack is Pack of 3 products (Keshohills 60 tablets, Brahmi 60 capsules & Amla 60 Capsules). Keshohills is an Ayurvedic Herbal Formulation of hair care herbs which helps control hair fall, control dandruff etc. Brahmi an Ayurvedic formulation of Raw powder & extract of Brahmi leaves supports nervous sustem, brain and memory, Helps promote hair growth. Amla an ayurvedic blend of Raw powder and extract of Emblica gives optimum antioxidant supplement and is a natural Vitamin C fruit helps in hair growth.